Minderoo Precision Brain Tumour Programme

The Minderoo Precision Brain Tumour Programme is an exciting new  clinical trial lead by Richard Mair at the CRUK-MInderoo Brain Cancer Virtual Institute.

Patients with suspected primary brain tumours are enrolled prior to surgery so that DNA and RNA from a sample of their tumour tissue can be sequenced.

These data are returned to the Brain - Genomics Tumour Advisory Board meeting to permit more accurate diagnostics, better prognostic information and stratification into molecularly targeted clinical trials.

See the recent BBC report of a patient in our programme here

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The ICARUS Biorepository is a biobank that enables patients across Clinical Neurosciences to donate their tissues - Brain - Tumour - Biofluids - for current and future research. 

The biobank exists adjacent to the neurosurgical operating theatres permitting rapid and secure storage of tissue.


Richard is pleased to accept applications from prospective PhD students